shims group at music rehearsals

SHIMS is a self-help music group formed by musicians who have for whatever reason sustained a head/brain injury. They are volunteer run and there is no cost to join. The group meet regularly in North Ayrshire and welcome new members.
Contact SHIMS by email at.

SHIMS also go out into the community where they perform by telling their stories through music and hope that this will give an insight into all the challenges one can face in dealing with a head injury and how invisible it can be to others. They have also worked with the Brain Injury Experience Network (BIEN) group from West Dunbartonshire and have recorded CDs, the most recent being “Holdin’ On”.

In 2017 SHIMS are working on a musical / film.with the Sunshine Club from Paisley and the BIEN from West Dunbarton.We thank GSK for their continual support.

If you would like to download a link to a powerpoint slide show built by one of our members please click here


We are performing Invisible - The Musical at The Lounge Clubroom, Main Street, Largs on Friday the 6th and Friday the 20th July 2018 as well as Saturday 7th and Saturday 21st July 2018 ( More Details )

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