Shims Group Acknowledgements Page

Below are some acknomledgements sent to SHIMS

Thank you SO much for your presentation yesterday. All the ladies agreed that it had been a most ‘enjoyable’ afternoon. I think when they saw ‘head injury’ on the syllabus they had expected a depressing talk but they were all pleasantly surprised by your stories and your attitudes to your difficulties after your injuries. I know that members of your group have had their black moments but we saw and understood how much music has helped your recovery. I personally know from the Stroke Group how much is gained by sharing experiences.

Elizabeth Inner Wheel Club Paisley

Glasgow Centre for Inclusive Living (GCIL) is a disabled people’s organisation run by disabled people for disabled people. Our aim is to promote independent living by helping disabled people gain the information, skills and support to challenge barriers and make informed choices. Independent living means all disabled people having the same freedom, choice, dignity and control as other citizens at home, at work and in the community. On the 1st of July we held a very successful members event and SHIMS kindly agreed to come to play for the members during lunch. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed both the music and their moving lyrics about those experiencing brain injury. We even received positive comments from Social Work colleagues from the offices above GCIL who had overheard the music!

Thanks to all three musicians for helping to make the members event so enjoyable”

Kind regards


SDS Development Coordinator
Glasgow Centre for Inclusive Living
117-127 Brook Street
Glasgow G40 3AP

Our group thoroughly enjoyed SHIMS visit and really appreciated being able to use some of their songs in our annual ABI Seminar later in the year which set the tone and theme for the day. We would highly recommend the music of SHIMS and wish them well as they continue to raise awareness of brain injury.

Pam Thomson Ceartas Advoacy

Steven Cochran (Secretary) B.I.E.N says that "SHIMS have written something that is amazingly touching and heart felt in their music and lyrics about what it is like to live after having an Acquired Brain Injury."

A HUGE thank-you to SHIMS for continuing to support the Renfrewshire Head Injury Service - Sunshine Club. Our group thoroughly enjoys each time SHIMS shares with us their AMAZING songs: all written, produced and performed by the incredible band members who have all at some point in their lives, experienced a head injury.
To have the opportunity to listen to these fantastic songs and to be able to interact (sing along) with the band; allows our group to feel at ease in the knowledge that there is hope and most importantly others who understand and are actively promoting ‘life’ after a head injury.
Thank-you again for sharing your special gift with our particular group. ‘Where words fail, music speaks’……SHIMS is an inspiration to all with their powerful lyrics and soothing melodies that carry important messages, both positive and negative.

The Renfrewshire Head Injury Service

Scottish Head injury Music Support Group (SHIMS)

Digby Brown Solicitors have had the pleasure of enjoying SHIMS’ music since they first performed at the Head Injury Information Day in Glasgow in 2012. At this event, which marks Action for Brain Injury week, SHIMS have done their part to help raise awareness of acquired brain injury. In doing so, they have really energised the day bringing their mix of lively and soothing songs to the masses, always with a smile.

What makes SHIMS different from other musicians is that they are a group of people who have all experienced a head injury. But this is not what defines them. What defines them is their passion, their talent and the huge enjoyment they give to all who hear them.

We are now privileged to strengthen our relationship with SHIMS by supporting them in the production of their first CD “Holdin’ On”. We hope, and are sure, that SHIMS will go from strength to strength, not just holding on, but taking life by storm.

Kathleen McMonagle
Client Relations and Corporate Social Responsibility Manager
Digby Brown Solicitors

My Way by Karen

Same but different this is me
I'm not quite the same as I used to be
I tried to be but it didn't work out
It led to more problems without a doubt

The thoughts and words are still in there
To find them I need more time to prepare
When I know what to say but it wont come out
Frustration kicks in and inside I shout

Things started to change when I accepted this
When I focus on 'now' the less I miss
Some memories are there, good and bad
Now it's more of what I still have, not what I had

With a system on an Ipad it's all in one place
I can read and make notes at my slower pace
Showing pictures and words helps and now I find
less time is spent willing people to read my mind

Day by day a little at a time
and somehow I've put this in a rhyme
I suppose what I am really trying to say
is it takes time for us all to find a new way

Mindfulness helps with the pain, fear and tears
I never thought it possible in a million years
My goal from the start was to smile again one day
and say please don't give up, there may be a way.